Data Collection

Apex Ops Group provides our clients with the competitive advantage that comes from best-in-class data collection. We have the knowledge and experience to provide innovative, practical solutions tailored to your research operational needs. We come with a track record of successful and ongoing U.S. and global assignments in marketing research.

We conduct data collection that provides the evidence and insights needed to answer business questions, inform strategy, and help companies enhance their competitive advantage.

Our experienced team brings decades of experience in conducting data collection projects relying on advanced quantitative methods including discrete choice modeling/ conjoint methods and sophisticated pricing and forecasting modeling.

Types of projects we support:

  • Pricing
  • Market Segmentation
  • Brand Positioning
  • Market Assessment & Forecasting
  • Message & Concept Testing
  • Customer Satisfaction / Loyalty / Retention
  • Market Dynamics Management & Competitive Intelligence
  • Voice of the Customer
  • New Product Development & Assessment
  • Opportunity Potential Analysis
  • Product Features and Attributes Optimization
  • Customer Tracking / Attitude Trial and Usage (ATU)
  • Online ethnography and psychographic profiling
  • Attitudes, Usage & Decision-Making
  • New Market Exploration
  • Health outcomes research
  • Unmet Needs Exploration
  • Qualitative Research

Field Work Flexibility and Relationships

We partner with a network of best-in-class global field service agencies

Partnerships include panel vendors, in-country recruitment organizations and highly specialized healthcare qualitative vendors

We use the optimal partner for your research needs and budget

We are not tied to a specific network

We are always developing the closest to the ground local experts

We ensure culturally appropriate research methods and two-step translations.